Stainless Steel Hookah

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Stainless steel hookah is a kind of tobacco product originated in the Middle East. It is made from tobacco and honey or fruits and is smoked with stainless steel hookahs. The formula of stainless steel hookah contains things that are beneficial to the human body. The processing process of stainless steel hookah is a typical traditional Chinese medicine processing process. In addition to the tobacco leaves of stainless steel hookah, one or twenty Chinese medicines mainly composed of musk and borneol form a tradition. The secret recipe and compatible Chinese medicine have many functions such as promoting qi and activating the collaterals, resuscitating the brain, invigorating the spleen and soothing the nerves, promoting lungs and phlegm, reducing inflammation and pain, clearing away heat and detoxification. The process of smoking stainless steel hookah is actually a kind of Chinese medicine therapy.
The curative effect of stainless steel hookah is that the combustion of stainless steel hookah during smoking is a kind of rapid incomplete combustion. The aromatic substances such as volatile oil in tobacco and medicine are effective ingredients that act on the respiratory system and nervous system. They are filtered by the stainless steel hookah. The content of harmful substances (nicotine, etc.) is reduced. Through the extraction of fire and the filtering and screening of water, under the action of water and fire, the scientific and artistic nature of stainless steel hookah has become a research content that cannot be ignored. In traditional Chinese medicine, there is a "smoke therapy" for relieving cough and resolving phlegm. It can be seen that the use of stainless steel hookah has the basis of Chinese medicine.